”Danny walked in with his guitar and he didn’t know any pop songs. He sang, and obviously, he had a wicked voice, and we knew straight away it was meant to be” - Tom Fletcher


So much has changed but it feels like yesterday ♪


 Noctis Magazine Photoshoot. 

"Acting is another thing I can officially say I suck at...along with sports, driving, spelling and life"

I like music because… it’s a better version of speaking.

❝ My greatest fear is losing Tom, Harry and Dougie. They are everything!” Danny Jones.


 People according to urban dictionary: Danny Jones
→ Very, very hot guy. Talented lead guitarist in British band, McFly. Danny’s deep, Bolton accent is enough to send anyone weak at the knees. His favorite words are rat leg, and homodome He’s 5’10, brown hair, aqua green eyes and has straight teeth. He liked older music like bruce springsteen and the beatles.


"Danny’s a lovely, lovely guy. He’d do anything for anyone" - Dougie Poynter